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‘I’m not sure if I can do yoga…’ Well, if you’ve got a body then you can do yoga, no worries!

‘I’m not flexible enough.’ No-one was in the beginning! Yoga makes you flexible.

‘I can’t balance my body.’ When you breathe in balance, your body follows. You can try to count your breathes to focus.

‘I must learn the poses before I start doing yoga.’ No, you’re going to learn all of them in the classes, be patience, you are not alone.

‘What if I fall?’ You’re going to fall which is okay. And you’re going to get up and try again. If you’re scared you can’t achieve your goals. Remember that!

‘I can’t stop my mind.’ You shouldn’t! Your brain is made for thinking. It’s unstoppable. If you can focus on your breathe, you can stay in the moment. If in meditations or yoga flows your mind shows you the scenes of your past or future remember; life is happening right in the moment. See the thought and let it go.

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